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Minsk region, Volozhin distr., D. Dungeon Skryplev, 5, +375 (29) 631-85-69, Dungeon Skryplev

The farm “the Torture chamber Skryplev” today is one hectare of land on the right Bank of the river Western Berezina, 90 km from the capital of our country. Travel time — 1.5 hours. After 1.5 hours you will find yourself in a quiet corner of untouched nature and in the atmosphere of farm life.

The farm is a practical attempt to preserve and restore national and historic traditions of Belarus , popularization of active recreation and cultural relationship to nature.

Currently living in a house with the comfort possible for small companies up to 5 people. Main room (hall) — 3 single beds, shared space with table and benches. Heating calanca (stove-riser), wood burning. The second room Tristan. 2 sleeping places: a bed and an oven with a stove bench. In the hall is possible to organize one additional spalna the seats. In the pantry — fridge-freezer. In the hallway — sink electric hot water, gas stove 2 comfort.
Water from the well. Bed and utensils in the required amount.
Toilet — wood, in the yard. The house has electricity.

Different people's meals on the farm began to prepare how to rebuild a furnace that doesn't worked for 15 years. Since that time, guests can not only enjoy the evening something delicious, but also to participate in cooking dishes and learn how to make some yummy.

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Minsk region, Volozhin distr., D. Dungeon Skryplev, 5, +375 (29) 631-85-69, Dungeon Skryplev
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Belarus, Minsk, vulica Dunina-Marcinkieviča, 6
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