Composition (for 3-liter cauldron):

● meat (pork, goat, lamb),

● paravia or barley grits (200 g),

● zamochnaya beans (100 g),

● onions (1-2 PCs.)

● potatoes.


1/3 of Sagan to be filled with meat (pork, goat, lamb) on the bone, add 200 g of washed grains, 100 g zakochani beans, 1-2 onions collected nephratonia up (1/3) – naprezanja robbed potatoes.

Seasonings: salt, black pepper peas, Bay leaf, 5-6 guazzi – to taste.

Pour all the water at the edge.

Readiness is determined when for pravritti and will salsa meat from the bone.

Set Sagan to put in the heated oven for 4 hours. At the beginning of the 3rd hour to get and see to Wakil water if wikil added again to the edge.

You can put on the night in natoplennoy oven, on the morning – all warm and delicious. A hearty Breakfast helps day reach to work physically.

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