The best places to sleep and eat

Shlyakhetskaya Fartina

Address: Brest region, Brest R-n, d. Jump, ul. Mira, d. 28-1, +375162 51 09 87, Jump

White meadows

Address: Grodno region, Korelichi R-n, Varonos S. S., V. Cnewa, +375 (29) 3-923-923, Tinely

House on the outskirts

Address: Brest, D. Tyshkovichi, ul. Gagarina, d. 22, +375 (29) 723-57-56, Tyshkovichi

U Petrovicha

What to taste: Bulbeck
Address: Vitebsk region, Miory distr., AG. Usmani, ul. Kirova, d. 22, +375 (33) 317-87-64 Usmani

The farm of Dudar

Address: Minsk region, Volozhin distr., D. Cscasino, d. 26, +375 (29) 662-38-33, Cscasino

Fishing Pula

What to taste: Grandpa's sausage
Address: Mogilev region, Bykhov district, D. Chichewa, ul. Naberezhnaya, 77, +375 (29) 150-95-55, Chichewa

Island in the wild

What to taste: Magpies
Address: Vitebsk region, Glubokoe district R-n, D. Shaw, Polevaya str., 17 +375 (29) 663-99-46, Sho


What to taste: NALAS
Address: Vitebsk region, Polotsk district, D. Akeman, D. 2, +375 (29) 518-36-93 Akiman

Ustye Life

Address: Vitebsk region, Braslav district, d. the Mouth, +375 (29) 632-32-92, Mouth


Address: Minsk region, Dzerzhinsk R-n, d. Laboda, D. 9, +375 (29) 771-00-38, +375 (44) 758-73-18, +375 (17) 169-01-04
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