Sculptural Composition of Condensed Milk in Rogachev


Belarus has the only sculpture in the world dedicated to condensed milk! It was established on November 23, 2013 in honor of the 75th anniversary of Rogachev milk canning plant.

Cucumber Monument in Olshany


"I am a dashing cucumber, everyone on the Earth eats me!" - the inscription on Olshansky cucumber's ribbon of honor reads. The monument is located close to cafe-pizzeria and banquet hall "Alshansky maentak". The initiative was shown by the cafe's owners. It is not surprising that the second cucumber monument in the country appeared in Olshany - the recognized cucumber capital of Belarus.

The photo was taken from the website www.media-polesye.by

Potato Monument in Brest Region


The potato monument is located between Peshki and Chernyakovo villages in Bereza district, Brest region. Potato was first grown on this field about 200 years ago. “The cultivation of potato in these fields has began by local landowner Ignatius Shemiot in the 1830s. Chernyakovo (the first local economic center) has been known since 1632, it was founded here as a folvark by Lev Sapega" – such a sign is installed on a huge boulder in the field of "Borkovskoe" unitary enterprise. Local residents immediately called the new structure a “bulba monument" ("bulba" means potato in Belarusian).

Egg Monument in Soligorsk district


What came first, the chicken or the egg? Many people ask this question. It seems that Vladimir Lomeyko – the author of the monument, a young talented artist from Soligorsk found the answer. "Everything starts with the egg" - the inscription on the monument says.

Egg monument, Soligorsk district, Krasnodvortsy agro-town, in front of the poultry farm

"Smorgon" bagels


Smorgon was once famous for its bagels. The bagels were backed in a special ovens big and small, with and without poppy seeds. Smorgon bagels were sold not only at local markets, but also in Vilnius, Poland. They were known in all of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.They were also promoted by Gypsies who toured Europe with trained bears.

Mushroom Kvass (Soup)


Another dish, one of the almost lost dishes of the Belarusian-Lithuanian cuisine, which was once widespread, is mushroom kvass. This is not a drink, not a drinking kvass made from mushrooms, as some might think, but a soup with sour and sharp taste, always with mushrooms, usually lenten. But this dish also has (or at least had) many different variations, its own “microcosm”, which is largely incomprehensible to today's people.

Zburazhsky Grechaniki


Zburazhsky Grechaniki are pancakes made from buckwheat flour, and Buckwheat Babka is bread made from this flour. They are a local landmark, almost the main brand of Zburazh village of Malorita district. Here, the Babka and the Grechaniki are baked in every second house. That hostess is considered to be diligent and real, who welcomes guests with the Babka backed in her own oven. Local pensioners surely remain the best bakers. They learned this skill from their mothers and grandmothers.

Litovsky ('Lithuanian') Cheese


The popularity of Lithuanian cheese was mentioned by Frantishek Bogushevich in St. Petersburg weekly newspaper "Krai" on September 18, 1888: "The current "Industrial and agricultural exhibition" introduces 270 exhibits, among which... there are 8 dairy products (mainly cheese, the so-called Lithuanian cheese, whose production was started by Brakhotskaya 29 years ago in Gorodea town)". If we substract 29 years from year 1888, we get the date of the beginning of the tradition of Lithuanian rennet cheese making - 1859.

Mir Gingerbread Cookies


This aromatic delicacy has a long history and the national product status in many European countries. Gingerbread production was also established in Belarus — mainly in cities and towns. Gingerbread cookies were backed in Orsha, Kopys, Dubrovno, Minsk, and the gingerbread cookies from Mir in the shape of soldiers were sought after at fairs. The best flour, honey and, of course, spices, such as cinnamon, ginger, cloves, lemon and orange zest, were used for the production of the gingerbread cookies.

Cherry Monument in Glubokoye


There is a city in Belarus, where condensed milk with cherry flavor is made. It is Glubokoye city. The cherry monument, which is more than 2 meters high, gives it a zest. The monument is made out of silumin in the form of a cylindrical pedestal, styled on wood, with a branch with cherries and leaves. The author of "The Cherry of Glubokoye" monument is Vitebsk sculptor Ivan Kazak. His monument is known not only among local residents, but also far beyond the city borders.

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