Cherry Monument in Glubokoye

There is a city in Belarus, where condensed milk with cherry flavor is made. It is Glubokoye city. The cherry monument, which is more than 2 meters high, gives it a zest. The monument is made out of silumin in the form of a cylindrical pedestal, styled on wood, with a branch with cherries and leaves. The author of "The Cherry of Glubokoye" monument is Vitebsk sculptor Ivan Kazak. His monument is known not only among local residents, but also far beyond the city borders.

The monument was presented to the public at the first Cherry Festival in Glubokoye. This festival usually lasts for one week. The program includes sports competition "Cherry marathon", get-togethers of clubs for elderly people "Edelweiss" and "Sudarushka", movie day "Cherry films", an investment forum and many other events.

Cherry is a symbol of life and native land. According to a popular legend, cherry is a mascot against the evil, it brings you youth, beauty, and happiness. They say that if you touch cherry berries, you will be happy, and if you touch its quivering leaves — money will appear in your pocket. To marry successfully, a girl must grasp a tree and tell her greatest secrets to it. If a guy and a girl walk around the cherry tree three times holding hands, then you can definitely expect their wedding next year.

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