ENI-LLB-1-016 project "Preservation and Promotion of Culinary Heritage and Traditional Craft Skills" The project is aimed to promote and preserve regional culinary heritage and craft traditions in Latgale region (LV), Anyksciai and Kupiskis districts (LT), Polotsk, Minsk and Zelva districts (BY), therefore strengthening regional identity, sense of belonging and positively affecting local economic activities.

ŽORNY Workshop of taste


The project's goals include:

  • Preserving, developing and promoting the Belarusian gastronomic tradition as part of the cultural heritage;
  • Reviving the culture of local products consumption;
  • Promoting support for organic agriculture.


Initiative "The Aroma of Bialowieza"


The idea of the project is to link seven partner estates from the villages of Uglyany, Goly Borok, Melnitsa and Belaya. They plant herbs, produce tea drinks (each makes their own drink), establish honey production. 21 beehives and more than 2 thousand seedlings were purchased.

"Le Gourmet" Cooking School


It goes without saying that there are a lot of books, websites, and TV programs about cooking. However, despite this, cooking schools and courses are in great demand. Their main advantages are:

- Visibility and the opportunity to get advice from a specialist by asking questions (it is clear that neither books nor programs can offer the same);

- Availability of all necessary products for cooking a variety of dishes (it often happens that some ingredients are quite difficult to find on sale);

- Courses involve active communication.

Gingerbread Workshop


Gingerbread workshop is an art, confectionery, and educational project that works in several areas:

  • making amazing handmade gingerbread cookies, as well as gingerbread sets for home creativity,
  • conducting master classes on gingerbread painting for children and adults,
  • sharing experience and promoting novelties of the gingerbread world.

Project's mission:

Culinary map


Website is dedicated not only to educational recreation, but also to delicious travelling. You will learn WHAT to try when going to a particular farmstead, as well as WHERE to try your favorite dishes.

In "Culinary map of Belarus" section, all the places where you can try the real Belarusian cuisine are marked. Here you can find a map-guide of dishes of the Belarusian national cuisine, recipes and photos of famous Old Belarusian dishes.

Culinary map of Smorgon district


Students of Secondary school No. 5 in Smorgon - Malinovskaya Natalia and Solovey Elizaveta - under the supervision of their teacher, Dimitrieva Zhanna Mikhailovna, decided to create a culinary map of their district.

To create the map, they studied the literature on this topic as well as old recipes of Smorgon district (for this purpose, they collected the recipes from other students' grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Many of the recipes were similar or identical, so only the most interesting and ”delicious" ones were selected).

Food map "Borjomi"


6 months, 6 expeditions, 6 destinations, 4 thousand km, 66 hours on the go, 30 famous Belarusians, 13 local makers, 28 authentic products, 30 unique dishes, 360 liters "Borjomi". For the first time, Belarus has created a gastronomic map of its local products. Turns out, each region has its own tasty "visiting card", which are now all gathered at one place. The initiator of a large-scale study of the whole country was "Borjomi" water.

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