ENI-LLB-1-016 project "Preservation and Promotion of Culinary Heritage and Traditional Craft Skills"

Project acronym (short name of the project)


Project implementation period

24.04.2019 – 23.04.2021 (24 months)

Project objective

The project is aimed to promote and preserve regional culinary heritage and craft traditions in Latgale region (LV), Anyksciai and Kupiskis districts (LT), Polotsk, Minsk and Zelva districts (BY), therefore strengthening regional identity, sense of belonging and positively affecting local economic activities.

Project budget

Total project budget  792 657,69 EUR (1 894 768,94 BYN)

European Union funding (90%) - 713 391,92 EUR (1 705 292,05 BYN)

The budget of Belarusian Association of Rural and Ecotourism "Country Escape" -  44 598,00 EUR (106 607,06 BYN)

The EU contribution (90%) – 40 138,20 EUR (95 946,35 BYN)

Co-financing (10%) - 4459,80 EUR (10 660,71 BYN)

Project partners:

  • Kraslava Municipality Council
  • Association "Latgale Culinary Heritage Center"
  • Ludza Region Municipality
  • Department of Sports and Tourism of Polotsk District Executive Committee
  • Zelva District Executive Committee
  • Anyksciai district municipality administration
  • Kupiškis district municipality Administration


This project is funded by the 2014-2020 European Neighbourhood Instrument Cross-border Cooperation Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus Programme

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News about the project activities (in Russian):

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