Food map "Borjomi"

6 months, 6 expeditions, 6 destinations, 4 thousand km, 66 hours on the go, 30 famous Belarusians, 13 local makers, 28 authentic products, 30 unique dishes, 360 liters "Borjomi". For the first time, Belarus has created a gastronomic map of its local products. Turns out, each region has its own tasty "visiting card", which are now all gathered at one place. The initiator of a large-scale study of the whole country was "Borjomi" water.

During the expeditions, participants were invited to try almost 40 types of Belarusian craft cheeses, shalbabon (the Belarusian name for beans), shurpa with bush meat (a kind of soup), as well as the famous Olshany vegetables, berries, fruits and iconic Belarusian drinks and many other delicacies. With "Borjomi" water they could wholly enjoy the richness of the food and then easily continue their gastronomic adventures. And this was only a small part of all the unexpected surprises that found their place in the gastronomic map of "Borjomi" water. All the "delicious points" of Belarus are marked in one gastro-guide on Everyone who is going to the market, for a long journey or to visit relatives in the neighboring region should study it . On the way, it never hurts to drop by for something delicious and "the best of the best" in all of the country.

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