Local products



Where to go: Volozhinsky district, Belokorets, Podlesnaya street, Naliboki Forest

Reference: "Nalibokskiye Vasilki" ('Naliboki Cornflowers') estate

Contact: +375 44 7715979, Vasily Vladimirovich Shakun

Koumiss (Mare's Milk)


Where to go: Logoisk district, Gramnitsy village

Horseradish and Sturgeon


Where to: Dzerzhinsky district, Putchinsky rural council, Nakvasy village

What to ask the locals about: "Vasilyok" farm 

Here there is a huge, one of the largest horseradish plantations in Europe. 240 hectares. To be clear: it is about 60 thousand standard garden plots four hundred ares in size. And if anyone in Belarus knows, what the real horseradish is, you've come to the right place.

Goat's Milk Products


Where to: Dzerzhinsky district, Elizavetin village

What to ask the locals about: farm "DAK"

Berries and Fruits


Where to go: Samokhvalovichi village, Kovaleva str., building 2

What to ask the locals about: Institute of fruit-growing of the Academy of Sciences

Here you can try for free and buy cheaply the best varieties of berries and fruits that are bred by Belarusian scientists - sweet cherries, apples, cherries, plums, grapes, nuts. The local gardens are so cool that they are recognized as a cultural heritage site. A moment of pride: more than 40 domestic varieties successfully compete on the market with similar overseas ones.



Where to go: Dribin district, Pokut'ye village

What to ask the locals about: "Farmstead Shapovaly"

Contacts: +375 29 2422375, Lydya Anatolyevna



Where to go: Slavgorod, Chapaeva str., 15

What to ask the locals about: Central market, Cheese shop

Contacts: +375 29 1065089, Tatiana

Oyster Mushrooms


Where to go: Lida district, Minojty village, LLC " Ekogriby"

What we ask the locals about: the former military base

Contacts: +375 1545 23333, Victor



Where to go: Ilyich village, Gomel district, farmstead "Dom Rybaka" ('Fisherman's House')

About whom to ask the locals: Mikhail Kuksa

Lamb Meat


Where to go: Braslav district, Yodishki steading

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