Oyster Mushrooms

Where to go: Lida district, Minojty village, LLC " Ekogriby"

What we ask the locals about: the former military base

Contacts: +375 1545 23333, Victor

If you are going to visit Lida castle, go off the route a bit - you will not regret it. You will find a mushroom farm in the hangars of the former military missile base. Perhaps the most spectacular of all that we have seen. Moss, loopholes, footfall hum - a real exclusion zone! Where weapons used to be stored, oyster mushrooms are now grown. They are hooked in special packages hung up from the ceiling. The mushrooms from the base are delivered throughout the country and abroad.

Host Viktor is used to see his guests surprised: he explains tiredly that the huge hangars for mushrooms have ideal microclimate. And he offers all skeptics to measure the background radiation - it is clean there. If you are not afraid (we were not), buy a kilogram of mushrooms at retail for BYN 5.5.

All materials were taken from the website with the permission of the organizers of "Borjomi" gastronomic project.

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