● eggs (50 pieces)

● sour cream (1 kg)

● flour (1 kg)

● sugar (1 kg)

● butter “Peasant”


To prepare the bankukha, you need to take an armful of birch firewood, which you need to split into branches. Bankukha will be baked directly when burning these branches.

The oven must be heated for two hours.

During this time, in a bowl, rub the butter with sugar, separately whisk the yolks and whites. Then mix everything in one container and add the flour.

It is necessary to prepare a special baking machine. To do this, wrap a wooden "spindle" of linden with paper, fasten with threads and lubricate with oil. This device must be heated near the oven for half an hour.

At least three people should participate in the baking process, because within 3-4 hours one must necessarily rotate the handle with the "spindle" in the oven, the second must follow the flame in the oven and put branches, the third – pour the dough on the” spindle".

When the product is ready, it must be cooled on the " spindle” within an hour. Then cut the threads from all sides and pull them out. Only in this case, the resulting culinary product will slide off the "spindle".

The bankukha is spread on a towel and on a pillow made of feathers, and then twisted until it cools down.

This soulfully prepared dish will not stale for a month.

The history of the recipe

In the vicinity of the town of Porozovo, this product was a mandatory attribute of the table for a wedding. It was an honor for the bride to bake a bankukha, preparing for such an important event in her life.

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