Soup with beans


● chopped pieces of ham,

● beef / lean pork,

● beans (preferably white)

● fresh / pickled cabbage,

● boiled potatoes,

● cooked beet,

● carrots,

● onions,

● spices

● salt.


Cook broth from bones chopped ham, alavie or lean pork meat. Separately boil the beans. In stock ready to add fresh or pickled cabbage. If the cabbage is fresh, it together add prepared and sliced potatoes. When sauerkraut potatoes to add later. Also add cooked and shredded beets. Carrots, onions aservice in vegetable oil and add to the broth about 10 minutes before the end of cooking. 5 minutes until cooked add the spices, salt. In the case of using fresh cabbage for acidification add the brine from sauerkraut. In a bowl add the optional sour cream, mashed with salt garlic.

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