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Minsk region, Logoisk district, D. ponizov'e, St. Naberezhnaya, D. 60, +375 (29) 628-01-61, ponizov'e

Estate "Lolua" (45 km from Minsk), surrounded by forest V. ponizov'e, 10 km from Logoisk on the Bank of the river gayna.

On the estate there are 2 houses. In one house (two storey house) on the ground floor the owners live, and on the second floor there are 4 bedrooms, a room for table tennis. The wooden guest house is a large hall with fireplace, bath, small kitchen, dining room with a Russian stove, 3 bedrooms, towers.

On the estate there is a garden, vegetable garden, outbuildings, barbecue, where guests can cook shashlik, pilaf, chicken barbecue and other dishes.

Hospitable hostess offers rustic delights: pancakes, traditional machanka with homemade sausage, pancakes, pies with various fillings (cheese, berries, meat, mushrooms), natural kvass, etc., Lovers of Georgian cuisine can be enjoyed in the estate khachapuri, sacivi, kharcho etc.

The estate is located in the valley of frost and bitterly cold gayna river, in the village of ponizov'e, Logoisk district, Minsk region, in the so-called "Belarusian Switzerland". Next, in 10-12 kilometers from the house there are two ski complex "Logoysk" and "Silichi". Hill for sledge riding, cheesecakes and other super pokatushkakh there are just in the courtyard of the estate. Gayna is a small river with pretty hotcat flow and a lot of sources along the banks, causing the water in it clean and always cold.

The manor is surrounded by unique nature. Here you can breathe the healing pine air, drink clear spring water, running barefoot in the morning dew.

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Minsk region, Logoisk district, D. ponizov'e, St. Naberezhnaya, D. 60, +375 (29) 628-01-61, ponizov'e
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