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Minsk region, Smales R-n, D. Bogota, Central sq., 13, +375 (29) 150-00-00, kedrun@mail.ru Bogota

“Damelka” is just 15 km from Minsk on the Moscow direction. Here close to the Raubichi, Silich and airport of Minsk 2. The hilly terrain is even called "the Belarusian Switzerland". Here with slides open magical "landscapes". On the estate there is a forest, and zaryblenny pond where you can fish for carp, crucian carp, pike, silver carp and grass carp, and in the wintertime skiing and ice skating. Forest pond spring hit the keys.

There are 2 guest houses and 2 gazebos. Large guest house consists of three levels. The first is a large (for 10 persons) Finnish sauna, pool with heating, lighting and circulation, showers and a relaxation room with leather furniture, table and plasma TV. You can eat on the second level of the house. Here is a kitchen-dining room and a room with a professional Billiards, satellite TV, DVD, karaoke and music. The second guest house is made of wood in rustic style.

In “Gamelike” you can cook both Eastern and national cuisine. To not worry, stay in the manor for the night! The third floor has 3 bedrooms with three large beds, shower and lounge, designed in national style. The rooms comfortably accommodate 16 people, but if you want a few more guests, the hosts equip beds. All in all, the manor can relax up to 30 persons overnight and up to 50 without lodging. Conveniently, behind the house there is car Parking.

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Minsk region, Smales R-n, D. Bogota, Central sq., 13, +375 (29) 150-00-00, kedrun@mail.ru Bogota
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