Venison with cranberry sauce


● venison (2 kg),

● garlic,

● salt,

● pepper,

● dry red wine (300 g),

● cranberries (150 g),

● sugar (1 tbsp.),

● onion (1 pc.),

● ginger, cinnamon – to taste.


Prepare the meat: peel the garlic cloves, cut them and roll them in a mixture of salt and pepper. In a piece of venison, make incisions with a sharp knife and fill with garlic. Rub the meat well with salt and pepper, spices to taste. Leave the meat to marinate overnight. Then wrap the meat in foil, send it to a well-heated oven (up to 185 °C, the total cooking time is about an hour and a half). About half an hour before the end of cooking, you should unfold the foil so that the meat is browned. You can check the readiness by making an incision with a knife: if the clear juice is released, then the meat is ready. Prepare the sauce: to do this, grind the cranberries with sugar in a blender. Fry the finely chopped onion in vegetable oil, then add the wine and cranberry puree to the pan, bring to a boil. You can add cinnamon and ginger to taste.

Cut the venison into slices and serve with cranberry sauce.

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