National Park “Pripyatski”

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Gomel region, Petrikov district, a/g Laskawy, ul. to Sasha Glushko d. 7A, +375 (29) 125 00 95, Laskovy

In the South of Belarus in the center of a vast Polesie lowland is the most interesting geographical area - Pripyat Polesie, which stretches on both sides of the Pripyat river in its middle stream. This area is characterized by high waterlogged areas, weak sassorosso territories, a good preservation of natural complexes.

The national Park "Pripyatskiy" is a unique combination of natural, cultural and historical heritage, which attracts large number of tourists, including foreign. This contributes not only naturally beautiful, but also a great base for tourism and recreation, established in the Park. On the territory of National Park "Pripyatsky" there are several tourist sites.

For tourists it provides a variety of accommodation options, including hotel "Over Pripyat", a tourist complex "Doroshevichi" tourist object "Rounds +", tourist complex "Chlupka Buddha" tourist object "Old lady" cottage "Pine", the hospitality house in g.. Tours, a guest house of fisherman and hunter "Cheretyanka".

Tourists have the opportunity to enjoy Breakfast, lunch and spend a pleasant evening with a dinner at the restaurant located on the 1st floor of the hotel complex "Over Pripyat". The restaurant includes a common hall, which consists of 48 beds and fish hall, which consists of 15 seats. Common room decorated in the style of a cozy house of the hunter and are designed in warm tones of brown and beige color scheme with wood.

The national Park "Pripyatskiy" is a unique and natural landscapes; a rich biodiversity; rich fishing and hunting grounds; a Belarusian Amazonia arena in the heart of Europe; the cradle of agriculture; natural science lab; last "island" archaic bee; a great place for recreation and aesthetic contemplation of nature, modern tourist services.


Gomel region, Petrikov district, a/g Laskawy, ul. to Sasha Glushko d. 7A, +375 (29) 125 00 95, Laskovy
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