Martinov Goose

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Minsk region, Volozhin R-n, d. Small Luck, +375 (29) 613-70-85, Small Luck

The house is 50 metres from the shore of a picturesque reservoir. Here are nesting swans, herons, storks, and many of the smaller birds, beavers work tirelessly, efficiently hosted by the otters.

To services of tourists - 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, dining room (45 persons capacity tourist bus), bath, boat, mini-Billiards, table tennis, sports and games. 11-13 main beds, + 2-3 additional + 2-3 children.

"Martinov Goose" - a typical wooden manor minor nobility, covered with shingles, the only available in Belarus, which is located in a private house, not a Museum.

In the vicinity of the estate are concentrated many monuments of the past: the place of the estate and grave Dunin-Marcinkiewicz; the ruins of the Palace of the Tyszkiewicz family - the site of one of the first photo labs in Lithuania and Belarus, and other memorable places.

And in the manor organize mini-festivals and themed animation. Guests will be able to participate in informative and entertaining program "Korchemny Adventure" and other non-standard events.

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Minsk region, Volozhin R-n, d. Small Luck, +375 (29) 613-70-85, Small Luck
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