The farm of Dudar

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Minsk region, Volozhin distr., D. Cscasino, d. 26, +375 (29) 662-38-33, Cscasino

Farmhouse Ales Elk, erected in 1924, is lined with river Ershovka, stands near the old Vilnius hotel, known since the 14th century, the Place enchants with its prugiasco and purity.Among the pine forests, a variety of herbs and plants comfortable feel deer and hares, beavers, and squirrels, sometimes zany meadow by the river, visiting the wild, to hunt foxes come. Some of the rare birds Gaziza family black woodpecker, occasionally flies a couple of black storks, guarding the lawn Gumbase old owl.

The manor is unique for its musical orientation, you will learn about the history of musical instruments, the game to listen to the owner of the estate, and create your own special musical instrument.

Features - acquainted with old musical instruments, a lecture and concert of the ancient Belarusian music — 1 hour on-time, traction year. ( 5 to 50 people). Submission malkavia ancient theatre "batlejka" on Christmas eve ( from 25.12 19.01 in ) from 10 to 50 people. Meistarklase for the production of folk instruments ( tambourines, bagpipes, Lira Carbonia, pipes, flute ). Also, guests can visit the Museum of musical instruments, the only one in Belarus.

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Minsk region, Volozhin distr., D. Cscasino, d. 26, +375 (29) 662-38-33, Cscasino
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Belarus, Minsk, vulica Dunina-Marcinkieviča, 6
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