«Kalyadki» in Polesye traditions

On January 8, 2018, "Kalyadki" (Christmas carols) was traditionally, for the seventh time, celebrated at "Polesye Traditions" farmstead. Many neighboring farmsteads' owers, tourists and local residents attended the festival. The first thing that the guests saw was a beautifully dressed group of people with a Christmas star and an accordion held high. They were approaching the estate with dignity and greeting the guests with grand signing - a very rare and beautiful spectacle. They artists were a popular folk-group "Khotislavyanye" dressed in Malorita regional costumes made by a talented local artisan Stepanida Stepanyuk. These artists are true gatherers, keepers and performers of Christmas songs and greetings.

National costumes, Christmas rites and songs, traditional dishes of Belarusian cuisine cooked in the oven - everything on that day struck the imagination. Among regional delicacies there were: Christmas kutia; oven-made wheat porridge, oven-made pork rinds; traditional home-made bread with flax and sunflower seeds; cold cuts (home-made sausage, boiled pork) - all cooked in the oven and served with horseradish; three types of meat jelly - all home-made (pork, beef, chicken); "healthy plate" with pickled vegetables (cabbage, cucumbers); oven-made stewed ribs; home-made sausages; cabbage rolls with three types of meat (pork, beef, chicken), fried and stewed in the oven; mushrooms stewed with sour cream in pots; traditional dumplings; millet porridge with pumpkin and sour-cream; oatmeal jelly with raspberry syrup and ice-cream; baked apples with dried fruits, honey and sesame, etc.

All dishes were unique. Nina Nikitichna Glovatskaya, the hostess of the farmstead, is always ready to share the recipes. Thanks to such people, as Nina, many Belarusian customs and rituals have not passed into history, but still live and fit harmoniously into the modern reality. There are also other farmsteads' owners and farmers who remain carriers of the Belarusian traditions and life, which our Belarusian land can be proud of. We hope sincerely that such meetings will become a good tradition in agroecotourism of Belarus.

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