Incredible Ukrainian know-how: honey in a jar of wax

Ukrainian company MEDUSHA has been present at the market for nearly a year, but it has already made itself known. Such products have no analogues in the world yet, which makes it truly exceptional.

Honey product does not contain any artificial elements. Bio-packaging of MEDUSHA is made of 100% natural wax, so it retains all the useful properties of honey, to which a certain shape is given.

With the remaining wax, you can do many thingsю You can melt it and make a candle out of it, or create a cosmetic product based on it. You can also pour honey back in there, or just put your pencils and pens there - in this way you will have a nice and fragrant pencil case on your table.

This honey can be really called natural, since after it is taken from the hive, it goes directly, without being processed and heated, to MEDUSHA. Bees are not fed on sugar in winter. Acacia honey is an often used honey type, since it is the least allergenic and does not crystallize longest (up to two years). In addition, the company has all necessary certificates for wax or honey as well as passports of apiaries.

MEDUSHA honey can only be bought in the Ukraine so far, but its products are already well-known abroad, and there is the demand for the unique honey.

By the way, MEDUSHA is an exclusive product also because of its name, which literally means "honey with the soul".

You can learn more about the honey in the interview with Andrey Gorbonos, head of the company.


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