Jellied Turkey

Jellied turkey


● Water,

● turkey,

● onion,

● garlic,

● salt to taste,

● pepper,

● cloves,

● greens,

● bay leaf,

● carrots.



Wash the turkey well (legs, wings). Put them in a pan and add cold water above the meat on 10-12 cm.

Put whole carrots and onions, spices and salt in a pan.

Cook on low heat for 4 hours removing the foam. If you cook the meat on high heat, broth will be muddy.

Boil carrots and onions for 1-2 hours. When the carrots and onions are soft, remove them from the broth. Leave the carrots for the decoration.

When the meat is easily separated from the bones, cut it into small pieces or just mince with the fork.

Put the bones and leftover meat back into the broth and cook for 1 hour. Filter the broth (preferably 2 layers of gauze). In one or more forms to put beautifully sliced ​​carrots and greens, fill with meat. Then pour the broth 1cm above meat. Put in a cool place to solidify.

Before serving put the form into hot water for 1 minute, cover it with a serving dish and turn over.

Serve with the horseradish, mustard. 


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Chubsa Jeanne

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