Alivaria Brewery Museum

Alivaria is a Belarusian brewing company founded in 1864 in Minsk. Alivaria is part of the Carlsberg Group, the third largest brewing group in the world. The staff consists of more than 900 employees, and the production site capacity makes up 13 million decaliters of beer per year.

Alivaria Brewery Museum is located on the territory of the company at 30 Kiseleva street, Minsk. There you can sign up for a fascinating tour. The Museum offers two types of excursions. The first one, called "Historical route", includes a walk through the building, which is a historical and cultural value, where beer has been produced since the end of the XIX century. The tour also includes learning about the history of the company, the development of brewing in Belarus and in the world, a visit to existing production sites, as well as a professional tasting of 2 types of beer. The tour costs 15 rubles (12 rubles for students).

The second tour type, called "Beer Styles Guide", is perfect for exploring the features of different beer styles, brewing ingredients, as well as the best combinations of beer with food. The tour is held in the exhibition hall of the Museum and does not include visiting the production halls. At the end of the tour, you will taste several types of beer. Groups of 20 or more people are invited to the tour, the cost of participation is 18 rubles (15 rubles for students).

For more information, check the website of Alivaria Brewery Museum

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