Knuckle of pork with potatoes, mushrooms farshirovanaya


● pork shank,

● barley beer,

● salt,

● pepper,

● coriander,

● dill,

● onions,

● carrots,

● garlic

● mayonnaise

● boiled potatoes

● fried mushrooms.


The dish can be eaten both hot and cold.

Traditionally, the “knuckle” (pork shank) cooked in the oven.

The “knuckle” put in cast iron, pour barley beer, add salt, pepper, calandro, dill, onions and carrots. Put into the oven for braising for 3-4 hours.

Well cooked “knuckle” is removed from the iron, spread on a pan, stuffed with garlic, lightly smeared with mayonnaise and baked until Golden brown. Cooking time 30-40 minutes.

The “pork knee” served halves farshirovanaya baked potato, potato “boats” ferservizi roasted wild mushrooms.

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